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XV International Media Law Summer School has finished

19 lawyers and journalists from 6 countries have successfully finished their studying at the International Media Law Summer School, the educational project of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law. During the graduation ceremony, the trainees received their diplomas. Just before the graduation, they took part at the traditional moot court, a friendly competition […]

CEDEM demands from polling companies to disclose the customers of the polls

Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law demands from polling companies to disclose the customers and purchasers of the electoral opinion polls. This change will help to define which polls are trustworthy, because the last published polls had differences, far bigger than the measurement error. Additionally, according to the Law of Ukraine “On the Elections […]

Transparent finances and stronger regulator: how to free media from oligarchs

Ukrainian television still remains the main source of political news for citizens: it provides information for 73% of Ukrainians. But the TV-space had transformed from the competitive ambience to monopoly. Since 75% of TV-market is owned by media groups. Thus, it is them who decides, what the Ukrainians will see and what messages will receive. […]

CEDEM supported the Justice Agenda

Judiciary reform, restoration of liability for illicit enrichment for official and new law enforcement reforms – this is the public agenda for next parliament. Center for Democracy and Rule of Law joined the Justice Agenda, a joint demand list of 17 NGOs for parties, who take part in the elections. The agenda is mainly focused […]

Fasten your seatbelt; otherwise it will be too late! – CEDEM has launched external advertising about safety belts

An external social advertising campaign has been started at beginning of the year targeted at increasing of safety belts implementation level. Advertisement was initiated by Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law within the “For safe roads” Campaign. Multiple billboards appeared in Kyiv and in a range of regional centers of Ukraine, in particular Lviv, […]

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The members of the Board of NPTU have been elected

Today the Supervisory Board of the National Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (NPTU) has elected the members of the Board of Public Broadcasting. Following the results of the secret ballot, the candidatures of all candidates proposed by the previously elected Chairman of the Board of NPTU Zurab Alasania were approved. This vote […]

The Third Anniversary of the Law on Public Service Broadcasting

Three years ago, on April 17, 2014, the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (used to be the Media Law Institute at that time), together with the newly formed Coalition ‘Reanimation Package of Reforms’, adopted the Law ‘On Public Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine’. This reform has been a priority for CEDEM upon establishment […]

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